Coillte is a commercial land-based company operating in forestry, renewable energy, telecoms and panel products.  The company employs approx 1,000 people in Ireland and was established in 1989. It manages over 445,000 hectares of land, about 7% of the land cover of Ireland.


With a very extensive land-based estate, many Coillte employees have to drive for work to ensure that production, management and compliance requirements are met.  Some 500 employees drive for work in Coillte  - over 80% use their own vehicle (i.e. “grey fleet”), while the remainder use leased vehicles.


DriverFocus partnered with Coillte management to deliver:

A series of Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), classroom-based, Driving for Work induction workshops, coupled with online driving-related skills assessment

Targeted in-vehicle assessment for at-risk drivers

Online driver risk assessment survey for 500 drivers 

DriveAlert online training module, “Drowsy Driving” for 100 at-risk drivers (included a randomised knowledge test to ensure the driver understood the relevant safety messages)

DriveAlert Distracted Driving online training module, for all 500 staff

A comprehensive draft company Driving for Work policy, outlining company requirements for employees driving for work and covering four main risk management areas: Driver, Vehicle, Journey & Management.  

• A Driver’s Handbook was also produced to provide guidance for all staff driving for work.

Pilot across 3 divisions, including grey fleet and fleet drivers, of the DriveNtell system which allowed analysis and responses from all participants to be viewed online by relevant line managers/supervisors as well as officers in the Health & Safety Department . 


Coillte’s initial goal of identifying driving-related risk areas in the company and raising awareness among its driver of company policy, potential hazards and where to get further help has been well received by all staff.

“Coillte has worked with DriverFocus, since April 2010, to continuously and successfully implement innovative solutions for managing our driving for work risk. The quality of service, delivery and responsiveness we experienced has helped us to significantly reduce our exposure in this important area and we continue to work together to improve our road safety record, to ensure that Coillte  meets its corporate responsibilities in every respect”.


Coillte’s Driving for Work Roadmap has planned activities for 2014 and beyond that include:

Online Driver Risk Assessment for all drivers

Online evaluation of driving-related skills

Issuing PPE / driver safety kits

Including safety features in vehicle procurement process

Targeted traffic safety training modules

Regular feedback on road safety initiatives for both drivers and managers

Briefing and line managers on road risk, responsibilities and resources

Staff induction programme to include Driving for Work

Authorisation to drive process

Road Safety Day for staff

Circulating RSA guidance sheets on hazards

Reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify gaps

Addressing towing equipment and licensing requirements

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