Fleets Not Convinced About Sharing Telematics Data

Leasing companies, keen to tap into the telematics market, have hit a major hurdle after nine out of 10 fleets said they were unwilling to share their data with them. A similar number also said they didn't want to see telematics fitted as standard, because of the additional cost involved. The findings, from a Fleet News survey carried out in association with TrackCompare, suggest that the leasing industry has a long way to go if it's to convince fleets of the benefits telematics could bring. The survey of nearly 500 fleets, which was carried out between May and September, revealed that three quarters of those questioned had not fitted a telematics product. More than a third (38%) of those who said they did not track their vehicles had simply not considered the technology, while cost (14%) was another barrier to adoption. More than one in ten (12%) said they trusted their drivers, suggesting a negative undertone about fitting the technology. 

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