48% of Employees Speed Driving for Work

Just under half (48%) of UK respondents admit to speeding whilst at work, with a quarter of those saying they’re more likely to speed in a vehicle provided by their employer than their own.

Over half of those that admitted to speeding said they would be more likely to speed to a work appointment, over a personal appointment.

Masternaut conducted the research as part of road of National Road Safety Week and surveyed 2,000 UK employees that drive as part of their job, to discover how willing employees are to speed whilst driving for work.

Top 10 Speedy UK Cities (% indicates people who admitted to speeding):

Exeter    84.0%
York    64.9%
Leeds    60.0%
Leicester    58.9%
Oxford    58.1%
Norwich    54.2%
London    51.7%
Liverpool    51.1%
Southampton    50.7%
Bristol    45.7%

The full whitepaper from Masternaut on “Compliance in the Mobile Workforce – Corporate Risk and Health and Safety Guidelines” is available on request and details how companies can create compliance in the mobile workforce, to reduce corporate risk and improve health and safety.

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