Grey Fleet Described As "A Ticking Time Bomb"

Road risk should be a priority for employers, with more than a third (39%) of work-related deaths in the EU occurring on the road. In the UK that equates to an average of 11 at-work drivers killed every week yet DriverFocus and other visitors to Fleet Management Live on October 6th, heard some businesses are failing to get to grips with the issue, which is costing them an estimated £2.7 billion a year. According to the road safety charity Brake, a third (32%) of employers don't enforce the same maintenance checks and safety policies they employ with company vehicles, with the grey fleet (employees driving their own vehicles for company business). According to Brake officials, if an employer is going to allow employees to drive their own car on business, a good grey fleet policy has to be applied. It should specify a minimum NCAP safety rating or emissions level for cars driven on business, while insisting on regular checks of vehicle documents, driver's license and insurance.

Source:  Fleet News UK