Women Prove That They Are Safer Drivers Than Men!

According to data gathered over two years and among 2,000 drivers, motor insurance provider No Nonsense discovered some interesting trends in their clients' driving.

SmartDriver customers - whose driving has been measured for three months using a clever, telematics tool – reveals just how smart their driving is. 

The SmartDriver idea is simple - prove you can drive well and safely and get up to 30% off your motor insurance. The better you drive, the bigger the discount.

These results help settle that age-old question: Who is the better driver – women or men? 

Here are the key driving differences revealed in the data:

  • Women in their 20s outdrive men, with better scores than their male counterparts with regard to accelerating, harsh braking and cornering;
  • Connacht has the highest percentage of safe female drivers (82%);
  • When it comes to overacceleration, men perform worse (69%) than women (62%);
  • Dublin women were the least likely to brake harshly (62%) and just under half (44%) never triggered an acceleration incident
  • Women who work in the field of science / engineering have the best driving rating (72%)
  • By contrast, Munster men were found to be the riskiest male driver group (39%).
  • Of all occupations and professions, teaching has the highest proportion of safe male drivers (71%).

Commenting on the findings Mr. Jackie McMahon, General Manager of No Nonsense said; SmartDriver has delivered a number of firsts for the Irish insurance market. “The results make for interesting reading and debate! SmartDriver was the first Irish product that allowed promising drivers to prove, over an extended period, that they were safe drivers and that they should benefit from lower premiums".

Source: NoNonsense