Fleets Risk Poor Driving Exposure On Social Media

Company car and van drivers are being publicly ‘named and shamed’ by other road users after being caught by citizen traffic cops.

Evidence of poor driving is being gathered by a growing community of motorists who use dashboard cameras and then post footage online.

Videos of dangerous incidents have even been captured by colleagues using mobile phones, and the footage shared with employers to try to force them to take action.

In one case, a company car driver was captured texting in heavy traffic as his car ran into the back of the vehicle in front.

In another posting to a Facebook group dedicated to capturing footage of dangerous drivers, a motorist appeals for help tracking down the company that employs a van driver who came within metres of a head-on collision while overtaking a lorry.

Meanwhile, drivers in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Essex and West Yorkshire have been prosecuted using evidence primarily from dashboard cameras.

Some police forces are setting up their own systems for processing the footage. The Metropolitan Police in London has developed a website that allows drivers to upload footage directly after a major incident, while Northamptonshire police says it has officers dedicated to assessing and reviewing footage sent in by the public, which can then be used in prosecutions.

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