ETSC Focus On Managing Grey Fleet Safety

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has published a Short Guide for Companies Whose Staff Drive Their Own Cars For Work

When a driver uses their own vehicle for work, they are still under the responsibility of the employer, and this presents a real challenge for managing associated work related road safety risk. Employers may think that it is easier to manage employees using their own cars for work, instead of a company car fleet. However once all of the considerations are taken into account this may not be the case.

An estimated 14 million people in the UK and at least 600,000 in Ireland are classified as grey fleet drivers.

This very useful guide has been produced to help organisations review and improve grey fleet management, with a specific focus on safety concerns. It will explain the legal responsibilities as well as the business benefits of an effective grey fleet management policy. And it will also explain how grey fleet road risks can be reduced through risk assessment, and stress the importance of integrating grey fleet policy in company procedures and management responsibility.

Download the Managing Grey Fleet Safety Guide here