Summer Driving Tips from the HSA

Summer is here at last…..
So that means….particular attention should be given to managing specific seasonal risks associated with Driving for Work in Summer.
Particular risk factors are more prevalent between now and end of Summer that need to be brought to the attention of all who drive for work to help them understand and manage the seasonal risks that they face and that are created by others

  • Higher temperatures leading to vehicles getter hotter inside and  increased risk of becoming fatigued and dehydrated
  • ore traffic on certain routes and in vicinity of key summer events. Such as concerts, tourist attractions, event etc..
  • More children out playing in cities, towns, tourist attractions and villages
  • More bicycles. Make sure the leave enough space between them and your vehicle if overtaking and take care at junctions.
  • More tourists driving around Ireland who may not be as aware of road rules and environment
  • More caravans and camper vans. These usually travel at lower speeds so overtake them with great care.
  • More agricultural vehicles particularly on  regional roads travelling at slower speeds and towing agricultural trailers and machinery
  • More pedestrians enjoying the improved weather
  • More motorcycles on the road, including tourists motorcyclists

The HSA reminds employers and employees of key seasonal tips for safer work related journeys over the coming months.

Summer months bring more bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, agricultural vehicles, visiting tourists and seasonal traffic congestion to our roads.

During school holidays, there are more children about, so extra vigilance is needed on journeys, during deliveries and collections as there are vulnerable road users around who are not aware of the dangers associated with vehicles and their actions are not predictable.

We urge employers to bring the following tips to the attention of their employees who drive for work. With school holidays and tourist season in full swing, now is a good time to remind staff of safe driving for work practice in summer.

By following simple tips before travelling and en-route, you will ensure your safety and the safety of your employees while driving for work.

Please bring these essential tips to the attention of your employees and your key business contacts to help them safely drive for work during the summer months.

Source: HSA.  Full details can be found here