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delivering A better Service


Compete Better

Ally allows you to objectively measure HOW your clients’ staff currently drive.
So you can show how your Programme delivers value and behavioural change.
Ally helps you retain existing clients and win new business.


New Revenue

Go beyond online driver risk assessment and training with a truly managed service.
Reinforce and complement your current services with actual behavioural insights.
Ally adds a dynamic, recurring service element to your fleet safety Programme.


Simple and Positive

Ally enables better, more frequent conversations with clients and their staff who drive.
As a managed service, Ally supports your Programme through automated nudges.
Access reporting on demand and deliver results to your clients.

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Proven and original

Created in 2009, Ally was the first behaviour-monitoring App for staff who drive for work.
Acclaimed by Brake, UK (2017 Fleet Safety Product Award - “Highly Commended”).
Delivered in partnership with Bosch and TomTom Telematics.
A fully market-tested platform, Ally is now available as a “white-label” service to partners.

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