Source:  ETSC June 2017


People every day are injured in collisions while driving for work in the UK.  In 2011, 36% of the total number of 202,000 people recorded injured in road crashes were driving for work at the time.  This figure excludes commuting.  36% of those injured driving for work were subsequently off work for more than a week.

Source: RAC Foundation 


Almost two-thirds of all work-related fatalities involve workplace transport according to 2008 figures from the Health & Safety Authority (Ireland)

Source: HSA,b8J6Ps2k


of top Irish companies surveyed in 'Driver Wellbeing' Survey 2008 advised they ‘never’ provide driver training to employees

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Work-related road accidents are much more expensive than many employers realise. The estimated full cost to you, the employer can be €8 to €36 for every euro claimed on insurance. This is simply because some items cannot be covered by insurance. The additional costs you may have to cover include:
o Loss of company reputation and contracts
o Fines and costs of prosecution
o Damage to products/ plant/ building and equipment
o Staff down time for medical appointments/attendance at court etc
o Replacement staff costs and sick pay
o Loss of production or production delays
o Increased insurance premiums and excess
o Offenders’ own legal fees
o Claims from third parties
o Alternative transport for repair duration
o Management and administrative time.

The Business Case for Managing Work-Related Road Safety is compelling.



95% of all accidents are attributable to human error alone



It is estimated that between 25% and 33% of road traffic collisions involve somebody who was using the road for work purposes. This means that in Great Britain between 800 and 1,056 people were killed, and between 7,238 and 9,554 were seriously injured, in work-related road collisions in 2005.


1 in 8,000

In the UK, employees who drive more than 25000 miles a year have at least a one in 8000 chance of dying behind the wheel of their company vehicle - a risk similar to that of miners dying at the coal face (1 in 7,100) and greater than those working in construction (1 in 10,000).

65% of all company vehicles typically will be involved in an incident during a year.



the number of UK companies that do not have a comprehensively written, signed and dated Safety, Health and Environmental policy



of at-work drivers admit to travelling at least 10mph (16kph) faster on motorways, compared to 47% of drivers who don’t drive for work

Source: Brake, Green Flag Report


of at-work drivers also admit to regularly leaving less than a two-second gap, compared to 40% of drivers who don’t drive for work

Source: Brake, Green Flag Report