You, the Driver:

  • Is your driving licence valid?
  • Remember, driving is a complex task so you need to be fresh, aware of other road users and conditions
  • Recognise your own limitations e.g. fatigue - never drive while tired
  • Get into the habit of turning your mobile off before putting the key into the ignition (maybe leave a voicemail saying you will pick up messages every two hours)
  • Concentrate and anticipate - your observation skills will improve and give you space and time e.g. avoid being in the blind-spot of other vehicles
  • Never ever drink and drive!
  • Enjoy driving responsibly -
  • Your driving style should be 'consistent' and 'smooth'
  • Drive on the left - unless turning right or overtaking
  • Remember the '2 second rule' in dry conditions - nobody likes being tailgating
  • Always be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear - watch out for bends and hills

Your Journey:

  • Is it necessary?
  • Can you combine journeys (and reduce your CO2 'tyreprint')?
  • Take time to plan your trip e.g. which routes, the best time to avoid traffic and ensure adequate rests
  • Check the weather forecast e.g. your braking distance in the rain will be compromised
  • Drive at appropriate speeds for prevailing conditions - the speed limit is not a target!

Your Vehicle:

  • Is it safe and legal?
  • Do you complete a visual check including petrol/diesel, oil, water, electrics and rubber (e.g. tyres, wiper-blades) - sometimes called a 'P.O.W.E.R.' check - at least once a week?
  • Ensure you sit comfortably, within reach all controls and that your head restraint is adjusted correctly.
  • Familiarise yourself with the safety features fitted to the vehicle (e.g. read the vehicle manual and check the control panel when starting the engine).
  • Remember, as the driver, you have complete responsibility for the vehicle under your control.

Please note: the list above is not intended to be exhaustive and you may need to be consider other factors!

For example, while driving in winter:

  • Keep warm and comfortable to help concentration 
  • In potentially snowy conditions, consider bringing warm drinks, food, blanket and other equipment  
  • Let friends or family know your intended route and 'ETA' 
  • Keep your windows and mirrors free of snow, ice or condensation
  • Keep your lights on dipped and ensure they are clean
  • Stopping distances increase up to 10 times on icy roads
  • Consider microclimates where the road is shaded 
  • Accelerate, brake and steer with respect to avoid skidding 



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