Thorntons Recycling operates a commercial fleet over 120 vehicles ranging from 6-axle articulated trucks down to 2-axle box bodies.
•    320 plus employees
•    Environmentally friendly
•    ISO accredited - OHSAS 18001:2007,ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
•    Member of the FTA Ireland. 
•    Repak Recovery Operator of the year 2013
•    Winner of Green award 2013. 
Thornton's Recycling has a dedicated team of Environmental and Health and Safety professionals who are qualified in internal auditing, monitoring and interpretation of incidents.

Thornton's Recycling firmly believes that careful driving and positive management intervention leads to a reduction in collisions/incidents and less exposure to property damage, costs, claims and ultimately can save lives.  With 36 vehicle incidents recorded in 2011 and rising fuel costs, Thornton’s Recycling Managing Director made an important decision to take additional proactive steps to improve its fleet safety performance.

Thornton’s Recycling engaged with DriverFocus in July 2011 and a fleet safety gap analysis – supported by Thornton’s Recycling insurance provider - identified several areas to target. DriverFocus assisted Thornton’s Recycling in the design and delivery of the resulting action plan (“Roadmap”) which is integrated with the company’s systems:

Thornton's Recycling Roadmap (2011-2013)
•    Online driver risk assessment 
•    Management workshop
•    1 : 1 driver training
•    Hazard perception evaluation
•    Revised drivers handbook
•    Revised driving for work policy
•    Collision management reviews

Integrated Management System
•    Weekly H & S internal/external audits
•    Weekly risk assessments
•    Non conformance and corrective action procedures 
•    Site specific emergency response plans
•    H & S induction training

Health & Safety Policy features include
•    Communication is the key aspect for investigation of all collisions/incidents
•    Thornton's Recycling record and analyze all incidents to avoid repetition
•    All collisions/incidents are investigated and brought to the attention of the relevant employee through tool box talk with their line manager.  Retraining is provided if necessary for all drivers
•    Drivers/vehicle operatives working hours monitored weekly for journeys/hours worked/break times/rest periods and all relevant legal obligations
•    Thornton's Recycling have an extensive reporting system for all incidents
•    Zero tolerance for mobile phone usage or eating and drinking whilst driving
•    All Thornton's Recycling drivers must complete a pre-maintenance check-sheet before leaving the depot each day
•    Risk assessments are carried out on all new drivers as well as existing drivers on a regular basis
•    Risk assessments are carried out on all new customer sites when requested 
•    All Thornton's Recycling drivers/ vehicle operatives are inoculated against      Hepatitis A/B and tetanus
•    All drivers up to date with driver CPC modules
•    All drivers are safe pass trained.

•    2011—36 reported vehicle  incidents
•    2012—25 reported vehicle incidents
•    2013 (to Oct) - 6 reported vehicle incidents
•    Fuel efficiency improvements of 8% in 2013
•    Insurance premium benefits.

"I’ve worked with many Consultants over the years and I would rank DriverFocus as one of the most professional with whom I’ve partnered. Since the start of our journey in 2011 I have found DriverFocus to be innovative, professional and extremely thorough in their approach to our needs and are a pleasure to deal with. Thornton’s Recycling have seen a drastic reduction in incidents/accidents and maintenance costs over the past 2 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending DriverFocus to any organisation who wish to pursue Driver Risk Management" - Conor Sunderland, Transport Manager.

Thornton's Recycling aims to become the leader in the waste industry through competence, training and awareness. A key goal is to achieve zero collisions for 2014.  This will be done through ongoing policy review, regular communications, driver training and development and management supervision, with support by DriverFocus.
•    A robust training programme for all drivers, to be updated annually
•    All new drivers undertake induction in company standard which includes health and safety, environmental and human resources
•    Drivers handbook and DFW policy review
•    Certification training on lifting gear for all drivers/vehicle operatives
•    Stringent company policies in place in relation to health and safety in the workplace.