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simple, positive support for Staff who drive at work


Reduces collision risk

Did you know that 85% of crashes are due to driver error?
If your business supports and expects good driving, research shows that you can reduce crash risk by 20% to 60%.
is proven to raise an employee’s awareness of HOW they currently drive and challenges them to improve.


Lowers Driving Costs

Good driver behaviour helps reduce your fuel, CO2 emissions, servicing, depreciation, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs as well as significant uninsured losses.
Ally will help you save up to €/£ 750 per vehicle, per annum


Minimises Admin

Driving is an essential business activity and managing driving can be made easier.
As a managed service, Ally allows drivers to self-monitor their performance, receive automated nudges and even get personalised online training.
We can also send you a regular report on results achieved, so you can reward your top performers.

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Shows Compliance

Driving is - for many people - the single biggest risk they face while at work .
So whether you have staff in company cars, vans or a grey fleet, Ally allows you to show that you are taking effective steps in managing safe driving and promoting driver wellness.
Finally, Ally’s non-tracking privacy-by-design ensures GDPR-compliance too.

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