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simple, Secure Real-Time Mileage Reporting


Improves productivity

Ally automates reporting of declared business mileage.
The Real-Time Reporting dashboard means no more chasing separate Excel logbooks.


Admin Savings

Ally results in two-hours less time per month, spent by drivers, managers and Payroll/HR/Finance staff, logging and verifying mileage records.
This will help you save up to €/£ 400 per vehicle, per annum.


improve compliance

Be confident that declared business mileage relates to actual and not fictitious trips.
Ally helps deliver best-practice company car BIK and IT51 mileage compliance.
Also, Ally’s non-tracking privacy-by-design ensures privacy and GDPR-compliance too.

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If or when you want to support your staff beyond mileage admin, Ally also comes with a host of features to improve driving and reduce crashes, fuel use and stress.

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