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Self-Monitor, drive better

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Mindful Driving

Did you know that 90% of drivers rate their own driving as “better than average”?

Clearly not everyone is right but with Ally, you will be more aware of exactly HOW you’re driving

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Get Tips

Ally objectively identifies where your driving needs improvement

Access a range of personalised insights and coaching options to help you improve

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Drive Calm

When you drive smoothly, you feel less stressed

You also use less fuel/CO2 and are less likely to crash

Drive well with Ally and your employer might reward you too!

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Ally only captures the trips you choose and stores your data securely

While you get feedback on your driving, your employer won’t see your trip details

In fact, employers only see aggregated, anonymised results*

Interested? Let’s talk…

* Employer reporting usually ranges from zero data to high-level scoring