Ecofleet scheme


driving efficiencies - saving money

Drive safe and save on fuel - plus you can now get a bonus cheque!

How Does The ecofleet scheme Work?

The official scheme name is the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (“EEOS”).

Regulated under S.I.131:2014 EEOS is a commercial scheme funded by the IPIA who own the Enprova brand, the scheme is operated by REIL. It is not a grant or government money. Simply put, when you save fuel you get paid a bonus payment on top.

The same programme applies across the EU as the EED 2012 Art.7 (except the UK), you can include the electricity on your sites as well as the diesel in vehicles.

For every 100,000 Litres of fuel you avoid using you get paid a €10,000 once off bonus, or proportion thereof.

The catch is you must save fuel. For your fleet, it’s measured in L/100km. With driver behaviour potentially adding 7-8% to your overall fuel bill, DriverFocus App and Online Training can help you support your staff and save.

Once a quarter you upload, total distance in Km and total Litres: When compared to the same period last year the savings are calculated for you and an account is updated with Enprova. Once a year a cheque issues in proportion to the fuel savings. Most fleets manage to save fuel at some level for 3 years.

The only legal requirement is that you must sign-up with Enprova at the outset of your project. It’s free to join and you can only save!

To register for ECOFleet, simply click fill in the Registration Form below: