Online Driver Risk Assessment, Made Easy

DriverFocus Survey is a proven, objective, simple to use and low-cost Online Driver Risk Assessment tool, that allows you to quickly gather key risk information from ALL staff - including "grey fleet" - who drive at work, so that you can better target appropriate supports and show compliance!

Analyse Responses By Area and Driver

risk - who and where

Once staff complete the eight-minute Survey, administrators, managers and drivers can access insights on more than 30 areas. Find out who is at-risk, why and the most common risk areas in your business

View Risk Profiles Across Departments


Survey scores risk areas, departments and individuals, so you can monitor trends. You can even compare your company's driving-related risk profile against others

Survey Responses Help Target Interventions

Beyond Training

While targeted training is important, so too is knowing where your driving for work policy needs sharpening and who needs follow-up or guidance on best-practice