Managing Driving for Work - Employer Responsibilities

According to the HSA, RSA and An Garda Síochána...

"Employers, managers and supervisors must, by law, manage the risks that employees face and create when they drive for work.

While drivers are responsible for how they drive, you are responsible for putting procedures in place that make sure your employees drive for work safely at all times.

You need to have a suitable driving for work management programme as part of your
overall system for managing health and safety at work in your business.

There are five key steps that you should include in your programme:

1. Develop a driving for work policy
2. Risk assess driving for work hazards
3. Put safe systems into practice
4. Measure safety performance
5. Review safety performance.

1. Policy:
Your driving for work policy should:
• outline the aims of your safe driving for work policy
• emphasise management’s commitment to this policy
• refer to the relevant legislation and guidelines
• explain how you will manage driving for work
• give details of resources and responsibilities.

2. Risk Assessment:
You then need to record all the hazards your employees face when driving for work and assess the risks involved with each. This will help you to decide on the most effective way to control these risks.

3. Safe Systems:
Describe the steps employees and supervisors will take to manage identified risks.

4. Measure Performance:
These checks should include:
• analysing incident reports
• regular driver licence checks
• regular checks with the drivers on their penalty point status
• review of vehicle tracking and event data recorders.

5. Review Performance:
It is important that you review your driving for work programme on a regular basis."

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